Grants, applications

The ability of the Foundation to award grants naturally depends on the general economy, fluctuations in currency exchange rates and the stock market, etc. The annual funding awarded has ranged roughly between 5 to 20 million SEK.

Grant applications are to be submitted no later than 1 March each year to The Richard C Malmsten Memorial Foundation, c/o Manneimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB , Box 2235, 403 14  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Questions about the application process  may be emailed to

Only a very small number of individual applicants will be awarded grants, as the Foundation now focuses on improving the School of Business, Economics and Law as a whole in consultation with the administration.

Grants awarded in 2019 T SEK

Cross-School Research Centers


Scholarships for overseas students at the School of Business, Economics and Law Master's program for partial coverage of the tuition fee


Scholarships for resident exchange students from developing countries


Development of the project to integrate sustainability perspectives into the School of Business, Economics and Law programs


Development of  quality monitoring system


Development of program courses at undergraduate level


Global challenges - local threats and opportunities

TOTAL 4,525